Snacks and Meals...

I can provide food for your hungry little ones or you can supply food of your own for me to give them. Food from myself would be healthy wholesome stuff like fresh fruit and vegetables, organic yogurts and fromage frais as snacks and/or pudding, breads and spreads, cereals, and one well-balanced cooked meal a day if required, but if you have any specific dietary requirements or preferences, just ask. 

I will promote and encourage healthy eating by preparing all meals with fresh ingredients and will endeavour to include the children in the preparation of the meals, where practical and safe. Although I appreciate children enjoy treats from time to time, I will also ensure they receive a very well balanced array of healthy options for snack times.

I will support weaning  wherever required, by blending the ingredients of the meals to the correct consistency to suit the age and abilities of the child.

I will discuss food allergies and any cultural or religious requirements with the parents previous the child entering into my care.

Any milk formula for infants should be provided by the parents,  to suit any personal or medical requirements or preferences.

Please find a preview of my 4 week menus in the gallery below (Click to enlarge)